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Alabama, Carolina's, Georgia, Tennessee

  1. GA-Adventures, Georgia
  2. Sandrock Alabama
  3. The Southeastern Climbers Coalition
  4. Climb Georgia
  5. Climb Tennessee
  6. Climb Carolina
  7. Crowder Industries, ...Dedicated to Southern Climbing
  8. Georgia: The Great Outdoors Inc.,

Adventures and Travel Information

  1. California Highway Conditions
  2. Yosemite (Incredible Adventures)
  3. Adventure West On-Line Home Page
  4. Adventure West On-Line: Travelogues - Adventures
  5. American Alpine Institute

Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

  1. Aspen Climbing Guides
  2. Rocky Mountain National Park

Australia and New Zealand

  1. Bushwalking
  2. Rock Climbing in New Zealand


  1. Keith Turner's Reno/Tahoe Rock Climbing
  2. California Alpine Guides
  3. Caltrans Home Page (road info)
  4. Camp4
  5. Harter - Climbing
  6. Joshua Tree Community Web Site
  7. Lucas' Extreme Rock Climbing
  8. Quang-Tuan Luong Home Page
  9. Real Rock Climbing Guides
  10. Rocknasium The Climbing Gym (Davis, CA)
  11. Rock Rendevous
  12. Vertical Adventures, Rock Climbing In Southern California

13. Yosemite

1.      SuperTopo

2.      Welcome to Yosemite Area Traveller Information

3.      Yosemite Network / IMS Network Access

4.      Yosemite NP Home Page

5.      Yosemite Online and their live camera


  1. Canada West Mountain School
  2. Rescue Dynamics Home Page
  3. Waddington Gallery
  4. Mountaineering, Climbing, Instruction and Guided Climbs in the Canadian Rockies
Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center

Climbing Gyms

  1. Planet Granite Rock Climbing Gym - Santa Clara, CA
  2. Rocknasium The Climbing Gym (Davis, CA)
  3. Texas Rock Gym (Houston, TX)
  4. Upper Limits Rock Gym and Pro Shop
  5. Welcome to Vertical Hold (San Diego, CA)



  1. GORP
  2. National Outdoor Leadership School
  3. NICROS Home Page
  4. Welcome to La Sportiva USA Online


  1. Rock Climbing in Croatia
Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center

Earthquake Info

  1. Earthquake of the Week
  2. Earthquake Information from the USGS

Europe, Alps, Finland, and United Kingdom

  1. Rock climbing, Topos, climbing pictures
  2. Rock and Sun
  3. Survival and Safety School
  4. Survival courses in the UK
  5. Teepakki-Climb
  6. The sky is the limit
  7. UK Climbing


  1. Flatliners Homepage
  2. On The Edge Rock Climbing Gym, Inc.


1.      Climb France

2.      Chamonix Mountain Guides

GORP - Climbing Resource on the Internet


  1. Yuuko Yamaguchi's Climbing Page  - A listing of rock climbing jobs in the United States and Canada


  1. Climbing Central Home Page


  1. Keith Turner's Reno/Tahoe Rock Climbing
  2. Harter - Climbing

New England Area

  1. Chauvin Guides International
  2. The GUNK'S

New Mexico Area

  1. Suntoucher Mountain Guides

North Carolina, West Virginia and ...

  1. The Gendarme Climbing Shop
  2. The Seneca Rocks Web
  3. Crowder Industries, ...Dedicated to Southern Climbing
  4. Rock Climbing Trips

Oregon / Washington

  1. Mountain Climbing in the Oregon Cascades
  2. Mike Hengeveld's Climbing Page
  3. SW Oregon

Outdoor Resources Online  - A listing of rock climbing jobs in the United States and Canada Climbing HQ - categorized resource directory for everything about climbing.
Sierra Outdoor Guides (guide books)
Thailand Tuan's Mountaineering Page
USDA Forest Service Home Page

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